Your Pest Solution

PT ETOS INDONUSA with brand ETOS is an experienced pest control company since 1992 dealing with pest problems . ETOS name is taken from the abbreviation word Ethology System as a system of science that studies the behavior and character of the animal . ETOS founder underlying it to make a pest control company that puts the target pest behavior as a basis for consideration in treatment method .

We ensure that all pest control treatmen carried out in a responsible and safe for the environment .

ETOS have an experience dealing with pest problems based on a vision to become a pest management services company based on science and technology and environmentally friendly .

With it we have a mission to consistently provide satisfaction to customers , effectively and efficiently in accordance with the SOP process , respond to any customer complaints quickly , always providing quality human resources and implement the ISO 9001 quality management system on an ongoing basis .

Quality of service is our concerns.
We serve our customers with value services company abbreviated MICE :

Moving together
Customer focus

For that we have a quality policy that is implemented with the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2008 .
We are also listed as one of the active members ASPPHAMI ( Association of Pest Control Indonesia ) and NPMA ( National Pest Management Association ) .
With that all we are known as pest control company that can provide solutions to pest problems .
ETOS – Your Pest Solution .
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