How to Identify Signs of Existence Rat

Rats are known to spread diseases, destroy property and contaminate food and fodder. If they can sign in to be able to house or area of ​​your business, they can carry parasites lainnnya undesirable, such as fleas, ticks and fleas.

Act as soon as possible after the indicated signs of mice because the mice were able to multiply quickly and could potentially become a serious problem if left alone.

How to identify signs of the presence of a rat?

Here are signs that can be used as guidance possibility of the existence of rats:

Rat droppings

Rats leave droppings around activities. Usually found in areas that are often passed mice in which the mice produce up to 40 droppings each night. Sewer rat droppings are dark brown spiky, curl up with a length of about 9-14 mm. The dirt can resemble a large grain of rice.

Sounds scratches

Have rats in your roof? Roof rats are agile climbers and can mundah gain access to the loft space and the top floor of the building. Hearing the sound of claws at night on the roof may indicate their presence. On the other hand rats are less adept climbers. You may hear them running around under gelangang, warehouse and floor. They are more likely to be identified by the sound of snapping teeth that make them known by the name Bruxing.

The footprint (track trail)

Rats leave marks on the legs and tail marks dusty places, in buildings that are rarely used. Flashlight strong short corner should reveal a clear trail. To determine whether the infestation is active or not, sprinkle flour or talcum powder along the stretch of the floor near the footprints and check out new tracks next day.

Semir mice

Mice created using the route along the skirting board and the wall because of their weak eyesight. Oil and dirt on their bodies left dark stains and marks on both the object and the surface is repeatedly rubbed.


Mice have teeth that grow continuously – so the need to constantly chew wood and plastic to keep the teeth continuously honed. This could potentially cause fires when chewing electrical wires. Note tear in food packaging, food for rats tore it open, leaving bite marks were visible.


Rats build nests in warm, hidden places using a material that is easily torn like paper and cloth. The nest will often occupied by rats Mudan and are usually located close to a food source. Check behind and under appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, or near the kitchen.


Notorious rats dig and dig extensive burrow systems for shelter, food store and set up nests. Discover the hole in the compost pile, below decks, garden shed, or in the garage.


Source: Adapted from various sources

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