Is Also Insects Sleep?

All living things in the world need to sleep, not to mention insects. Still not easy to know how insects sleep.

Insects such as wasps, cockroaches, mantis, even the flies also need to sleep. In fact, flies for sleeping behave like mammals.

In order to know how bed bugs is not easy. Need special tricks to unravel the mystery of how bed bugs.

There are some signs of insects sleep, as the body does not move, and drooping because muscles become so relaxed.

According to the biologist from Oregon State University Katy Pridic reveal, human beings do not even know when butterflies asleep in his sleep.

During this time the butterfly is considered rest during the day, but only really asleep when dusk ahead. Prudic explained to National Geographic, the butterfly can be asleep when perched on leaves, twigs, and even canned beverages.


Source: National Geographic Indonesia

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