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It's Easier Now For ETOS Customer To Making Payment With Electronic Debit / Credit Card.

In October 2015, ETOS launched the use of Electronic Debit / Credit Card machine. “>Officers from ETOS will guide customers to swipe your debit card or credit card in the machine and then insert a nominal payment. It’s “>All credit cards like Visa and Master (except BCA credit cards) and BNI debit card can be used on this machine.
Entrusting your pest problem solution only to ETOS – Your Pest Solution.

ETOS, The First Pest Management Company in Indonesia which has applications in Android

12071351_1502601646705299_1350568706_nPT. ETOS INDONUSA or better known ETOS release application on android in late September 2015.

ETOS become the first pest management company in Indonesia which has applications in Android.

In this application, users who have installed the application will be know more about ETOS which operating since 1992.

This application also containt about ETOS activity-related information, promotion, types of services offered as well as contacts from the entire ETOS network.

“It’s easy, just go to the Android Play Store and type ETOS INDONUSA to install this application” Rizki Maheng, QA Manager ETOS explains the ease of getting application.

Interestingly, ETOS Android app also provides a special channel to learn about pest for users who want to know everything about it.

Inside the channel, there is a brief information about the pest because it important to educate the public about the pest and how to manage it.

WHO says that Indonesia is a country with the highest cases of dengue fever in Southeast Asia since 1968 to 2009.

Dengue fever started from the existence of pest mosquitoes so that the public’s need to understand about pest knowledge.

Not only mosquitoes, other pests such as mice also need to know more by the public to refrain from leptospirosis disease.

Moreover, the number of deaths due to leptospirosis in Indonesia is high, reaching 2.5 to 16.45 percent.

“ETOS looked at the need educate about pest to public so that we provide a special channel for users who want to learn about pests” Rizki Maheng added.

Since its establishment, ETOS is not only focusing on growth business which to continues to grow with the presence of 11 branches throughout Indonesia to date, but also prioritize education activities to the public.

“At this early stage we focus makes the app in Android as means we educate customers while the future these applications will continue to be developed for the convenience of the customer where the latter customers can connect in real time with ETOS related survey request, the handling of complaints and activity reporting.” Rizki Maheng closing.