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Good news …

After the first release on October 7, 2015 as the first pest control service company in Indonesia which has applications in Android, now ETOS application on Android has been getting updates in the form of a more fresh and the addition of channels “Customer Complaint and Demand Survey Guide”.

With these two additional channels, the customer can submit a complaint via ETOS applications and prospective customers to submit requests via the app free survey also ETOS.
Information from both channels will go directly to Customer Care email to be forwarded to the Division of Associated.

To get an application in android ETOS already updated easily by typing ethos way indonusa the search feature in the play store and PT ETOS INDONUSA application will appear for download.
Please download apps on android ETOS and be part of the development of digital communication technology system ETOS.

Come on, download the application ETOS now ~

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