Why are you always bitten by mosquitoes?

When you hang out with friends on the afternoon homepage, you may be annoyed. Of the many people who are there, you are most often exposed to mosquito bites. To the extent that a friend mocks you if you have not had an afternoon bath.

Mosquitoes are not the creatures we like, moreover they are hosts from various sources of diseases such as Zika and dengue fever. Not to mention the itching it causes often makes us lose our mind and can not sleep at night.

Ironically, mosquitoes are often ‘unfair’ in their victims. Some of us tend to be more often bitten by mosquitoes than others. At first no one knows the cause, but research has uncovered the mystery.

Do you know?

  • Although there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in nature, only about 200 species bite humans.
  • Only the biting female mosquitoes.
  • Their breeding begins when the weather gets warm and the eggs will hatch.
  • They like to be in bodies of water such as ponds, lakes or ditches inundated.
  • Warm and humid air is a haven for mosquitoes to gather.

Mosquitoes have a tremendous sense of smell, but they also depend on what color they see. They are very interested in carbon dioxide, and if you’re fat, then they’re more interested because it means the more carbon dioxide you produce than the thinner ones.

Carbon dioxide can also be triggered by exercise or after drinking alcohol. This is because the body’s metabolism increases, making you a target for mosquitoes. However, there are also genetic factors that play a role, as well as natural body aroma is also influential.

Another factor that contributes to how much you are likely to be the target of a mosquito bite is the presence of a distinctive odor on the surface of the skin. Lactic acid, urea acid and bacteria are also favored by mosquitoes. But if you are not easily bitten by mosquitoes, that means you are among the lucky ones because they naturally have an odor that mosquitoes do not like.

Finally, the color of clothing can also be a deciding factor. The color of bright clothing is usually not favored by mosquitoes, they are more interested in the color of dark or red shirt.

Source: Taken from various sources


Is It True Rats Like Cheese?

In cartoons, there are often mice scenes that are always interested in cheese slices. Is it true that rats like this one?

So far the rat or the cheese shop owner in America thinks that mice do not like cheese at all. In fact, they move away from some kind of cheese, because their very sensitive smell and some kind of cheese emit a smell that keeps them away.

David Holmes, a behavioral animal expert from Manchester Metropolitan University has done research related to the rats favorite on food including cheese. According to him, if really hungry, rats will be any bit like a cardboard and even humans.

“Rats respond to smells, textures, and flavors of food. And cheese is an unavailable thing in their natural environment, and that’s why they do not respond to cheese, “says Holmes.

Most mice love grains, fruits, and sweet foods. Other types of mice prefer insects or small animals. This has become a habit of rats, even long before humans create cheese.

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So, where does the myth of the cheese that became the favorite food of the mouse appear?

Holmes argues that the cartoonists love to draw a hollow cheese equipped with a cute little head and sticking out of the hole. They consider it funny and continue to be used today.

We can see until now that Tom often give Jerry bait to get out of hiding with a piece of cheese.

So, what kind of food does a mouse like and can use to trap? Apparently, rats like peanut butter and chocolate. Sweeter, better. In addition Stephen Turner, one of the managers of Pest Control Shop, a distributor of mousetraps in Europe also argues, that mice of the city fond of hamburgers.


Source: http://nationalgeographic.co.id


Family Gathering and Customer Loyalty Awards for 25-Year ETOS

Welcoming the 25th anniversary, PT ETOS INDONUSA created a series of activities to reward all employees, customers and business partners who have been part of ETOS’s 25 years of travel.

As a form of appreciation to the employees held Family Gathering activities that take the theme “With 25-Year Spirit, We Increase Togetherness and Work Productivity”. Activities held at Tsamara Resto and Function Hall on Sunday, July 16, 2017 is followed by all employees and their beloved family. Family Gathering is enlivened by a variety of creative performances from each ETOS branch and the sharing of dozens of attractive doorprizes.

The culmination of the 25th Anniversary of ETOS was held in the form of Customer Loyalty Awards activities at Hotel Ciputra Jakarta Barat on Thursday, July 20, 2017.

Customer Loyalty Awards was attended by hundreds of ETOS loyal customers along with a number of business partners, representatives of the Health Office and also the Head of ASPPHAMI Center where ETOS performed the entertainment of Pendet dance and Saman dance and distributed a number of door prizes.

The theme of the event entitled “25 Years of World Class Tradition” shows the spirit of ETOS to become a pest control service company from Indonesia that is able to compete in the global era.


Joy Breaking Fasting ETOS 25th Birthday Celebration.

Thursday, June 22, 2017 is a special day for PT. ETOS INDONUSA because it coincides with the 25th anniversary of ETOS.

Birthday celebrations that also fall in the holy month of Ramadan is enlivened by breaking the fast with the Board of Directors and all employees of ETOS.

The festivities of breaking fast together in the framework of the 25th anniversary of ETOS not only take place in Jakarta head office but also simultaneously in some other ETOS branches in West Java, Sumatera and Banten.

We express our gratitude for the achievement of this 25-year-old, an age that shows how long we have been providing pest control services to the community, especially our beloved ETOS customers.

Thank you for all our customers and business partners who have been cooperating with ETOS and become part of the 25 years of ETOS’s journey as the best pest control company in Indonesia.


Happy birthday ETOS.


Two Cockroaches Most Likely Cause Allergies

Cockroaches, pests that look disgusting, can trigger an allergy or an asthma attack. However, of the many cockroaches that roam the world, only two types are most likely to cause or aggravate allergic conditions; German roaches (Blatella germanica) and American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana).

American cockroaches are a source of allergens present in the room. There are more than twenty identified IgE binder components. However, only nine allergens should be feared.

Cockroaches contain proteins that are allergens, substances that cause allergic reactions, for many people. All parts of his body, including saliva and cockroaches are allergens. Dead cockroaches can still cause allergic reactions.

As quoted from the site Allergies About on Monday (8/5/2017) the emergence of this allergen is similar to dust mites that can enter the mucous membrane of eyes, nose, and lungs that trigger the occurrence of allergic reactions. Usually, allergens are found when you are cleaning the house.

Therefore, avoid exposure to cockroaches and dung. With diligent-diligent cleaning the house. Because, this one pest need food, water, and shelter to survive.

When you ‘provide’ the things that the cockroaches want, you’re just inviting “unwanted guests” to come.

Source: Liputan6.com


Is Also Insects Sleep?

All living things in the world need to sleep, not to mention insects. Still not easy to know how insects sleep.

Insects such as wasps, cockroaches, mantis, even the flies also need to sleep. In fact, flies for sleeping behave like mammals.

In order to know how bed bugs is not easy. Need special tricks to unravel the mystery of how bed bugs.

There are some signs of insects sleep, as the body does not move, and drooping because muscles become so relaxed.

According to the biologist from Oregon State University Katy Pridic reveal, human beings do not even know when butterflies asleep in his sleep.

During this time the butterfly is considered rest during the day, but only really asleep when dusk ahead. Prudic explained to National Geographic, the butterfly can be asleep when perched on leaves, twigs, and even canned beverages.


Source: National Geographic Indonesia


How to Identify Signs of Existence Rat

Rats are known to spread diseases, destroy property and contaminate food and fodder. If they can sign in to be able to house or area of ​​your business, they can carry parasites lainnnya undesirable, such as fleas, ticks and fleas.

Act as soon as possible after the indicated signs of mice because the mice were able to multiply quickly and could potentially become a serious problem if left alone.

How to identify signs of the presence of a rat?

Here are signs that can be used as guidance possibility of the existence of rats:

Rat droppings

Rats leave droppings around activities. Usually found in areas that are often passed mice in which the mice produce up to 40 droppings each night. Sewer rat droppings are dark brown spiky, curl up with a length of about 9-14 mm. The dirt can resemble a large grain of rice.

Sounds scratches

Have rats in your roof? Roof rats are agile climbers and can mundah gain access to the loft space and the top floor of the building. Hearing the sound of claws at night on the roof may indicate their presence. On the other hand rats are less adept climbers. You may hear them running around under gelangang, warehouse and floor. They are more likely to be identified by the sound of snapping teeth that make them known by the name Bruxing.

The footprint (track trail)

Rats leave marks on the legs and tail marks dusty places, in buildings that are rarely used. Flashlight strong short corner should reveal a clear trail. To determine whether the infestation is active or not, sprinkle flour or talcum powder along the stretch of the floor near the footprints and check out new tracks next day.

Semir mice

Mice created using the route along the skirting board and the wall because of their weak eyesight. Oil and dirt on their bodies left dark stains and marks on both the object and the surface is repeatedly rubbed.


Mice have teeth that grow continuously – so the need to constantly chew wood and plastic to keep the teeth continuously honed. This could potentially cause fires when chewing electrical wires. Note tear in food packaging, food for rats tore it open, leaving bite marks were visible.


Rats build nests in warm, hidden places using a material that is easily torn like paper and cloth. The nest will often occupied by rats Mudan and are usually located close to a food source. Check behind and under appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, or near the kitchen.


Notorious rats dig and dig extensive burrow systems for shelter, food store and set up nests. Discover the hole in the compost pile, below decks, garden shed, or in the garage.


Source: Adapted from various sources


Ants Count on Visual Memory and Position of the Sun to Navigate

Besides being known as the animal that has a high work ethic, ants are also known for outstanding navigation capabilities.

Now, a recent study by a team of researchers from Britain and France revealed that the ability of ant navigation was more amazing than we knew before.

Experiments conducted by a team of ants desert shows that these insects keeping with the direction of travel based on the position of the sun in the sky that they combine the visual information of the surrounding environment.

“Ants can combine information from different assumptions and translate them into a picture of a much more sophisticated way than we imagined,” said one researcher, Antonie Wystrach of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

“Transfer aspect of this information shows the synergy between areas of the brain that is different,” added Wystrach.

Observe the environment around is easily done if the ant goes forward. But, sometimes the ants have to walk backwards when carrying large meals.

So, how do the ants going backwards maintain the direction of travel in order to remain in the correct route?

The experiments in this study revealed that the ant that runs backwards would occasionally stop, drop food, and turned to examine the environment around him. This is done to match what they see with a visual memory of the route to the nest, and can correct the direction of travel if it turns out they were wrong route.

Professor of the University of Edinburgh, Barbara Webb, said that the ants can navigate like a car swakemudi.

“Ants have relatively small brains, smaller than a pinhead. But they can navigate well even in a range of difficult conditions, including walking backwards, “he said.

Going forward, further studies are expected to help to determine the interaction between the various regions of the brain that allows the insect ants use and combine various forms of navigation.

“Understanding their behavior gives new understanding of brain function and inspired us to build robotic systems which mimic the function of their brains.”

Scientists in the team plans to make models of neural circuits in the brain like ants. They hope to develop a robot that can navigate in nature, such as forests, for example.

Source: National Geographic Indonesia

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-19 at 16.36.35

Official launch of LinkedIn ETOS

Who does not know LinkedIn? You all must already have an account with one of these popular social media.

Yes .. LinkedIn is a social networking website oriented businesses, mainly used by network professionals to help establish professional relationships with trusted contacts. Data in August 2016 showed more than 100 million LinkedIn users in Asia Pacific, or 22% of LinkedIn users worldwide.

Welcoming 2017, ETOS launched another official social media accounts that LinkedIn.
ETOS existence in the digital world is shown by the presence of a number of official social media accounts such as Facebook Fan Page, Instagram and Twitter and the latest is LinkedIn.

Follow our social media accounts to continue to connect with a professional pest control company based on science and technology as well as environmentally friendly and globally competitive since 1992.

Let’s follow ETOS LinkedIn and other social media to keep updated with the latest informastions from the company.

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Good news …

After the first release on October 7, 2015 as the first pest control service company in Indonesia which has applications in Android, now ETOS application on Android has been getting updates in the form of a more fresh and the addition of channels “Customer Complaint and Demand Survey Guide”.

With these two additional channels, the customer can submit a complaint via ETOS applications and prospective customers to submit requests via the app free survey also ETOS.
Information from both channels will go directly to Customer Care email to be forwarded to the Division of Associated.

To get an application in android ETOS already updated easily by typing ethos way indonusa the search feature in the play store and PT ETOS INDONUSA application will appear for download.
Please download apps on android ETOS and be part of the development of digital communication technology system ETOS.

Come on, download the application ETOS now ~