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Official launch of LinkedIn ETOS

Who does not know LinkedIn? You all must already have an account with one of these popular social media.

Yes .. LinkedIn is a social networking website oriented businesses, mainly used by network professionals to help establish professional relationships with trusted contacts. Data in August 2016 showed more than 100 million LinkedIn users in Asia Pacific, or 22% of LinkedIn users worldwide.

Welcoming 2017, ETOS launched another official social media accounts that LinkedIn.
ETOS existence in the digital world is shown by the presence of a number of official social media accounts such as Facebook Fan Page, Instagram and Twitter and the latest is LinkedIn.

Follow our social media accounts to continue to connect with a professional pest control company based on science and technology as well as environmentally friendly and globally competitive since 1992.

Let’s follow ETOS LinkedIn and other social media to keep updated with the latest informastions from the company.

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